INNOVATIVE markets and sells a range of products and other related medical devices that are used to enhance the repair and regeneration of soft or hard tissues in spinal and trauma surgery (bone, ligament, cartilage...) and dental applications (bone and gum).
The company is also dedicated to Medical Engineering that encompasses a broad range of activities, and is alternatively called Bioengineering and Biomedical Engineering. It is a multi-disciplinary subject integrating professional engineering activities with a basic medical knowledge of the human body and an understanding of how it functions when healthy, diseased or injured.
Many of the advances in this field now seem commonplace - hip replacements, pacemakers, medical imaging, life support systems and medical lasers are just a few examples of the results of the work of Medical Engineers.



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Montserrat Garcia


Dr. Alexis Lopez

Doctor’s Degree in Material Science

Paloma Moro

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1) Safe and Secure

2) Simple

3) Prevent Cell Integrity : avoid non-autologous products and destructive manipulations

“I have been using more than 250 units of ACCESS since last year and all outcomes are satisfactory ”

Dr H. de B,, Orthopaedic Surgeon

“So far, the most original and innovative approach of  Closed System for Cell Concentration I ever see.”

Dr S. C., Orthopaedic Surgeon

“This is the kit we were waiting for in Aesthetics as it allows to harvest a huge volume of plasma.”

Dr B. B. Aesthetic Surgeon



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03110 Mutxamel - Spain

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